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The Bitcoin Gold Social Media channels are:

Main Twitter account

:us: English: @bitcoingold -

Support Twitter accounts

:us: Global: BTG Global Support [Joseph Groom] - @btg_Joseph
:kr: Korea: BTG Korea [HK] - @BtgKorea
:ghana: Africa: BTG Africa [Richard] - @BTG_africa
:es: Spanish: BTG en Español [Gustavo Del Rio] @BTG_Hispano

Telegram Groups

:us: English: Telegram: Contact @BitcoinGoldHQ
:kr: Korean: Telegram: Contact @BitCoinGoldKoreaOfficial
:cn: Chinese: Telegram: Contact @BitcoinGoldCNOfficial
:es: Spanish: Telegram: Contact @BitcoinGoldSpanish
:ghana: Africa: Telegram: Contact @bitcoinGoldAfricacommunity
:singapore: Singapore: Telegram: Contact @bitcoinGoldsingapore
:tr: Turkey: Telegram: Contact @BitcoinGoldTurkeynew
:india: India: Telegram: Contact @bitcoinGoldIndia
:united_arab_emirates: UAE: Telegram: Contact @bitcoinGoldUAE
:indonesia: Indonesian: Telegram: Contact @BitcoingoldIndonesian
:ru: Russia: Telegram: Contact @Bitcoingold_Russia
:philippines: Philippines: Telegram: Contact @BitcoinGoldPhilippine
:venezuela: Venezuela : Telegram: Contact @BitcoinGoldVenezuela

Facebook Groups

:kr: Korea: Redirecting...
:india: India: Redirecting...

KakaoTalk Groups

:kr: Korea: KakaoTalk Open Chat

Security Tips:

  1. Check the BTG Safety guide: Bitcoin Gold Safety Guide
  2. Always double check the URL of the website you are visiting.
  3. All BTG official e-mail addresses use the domain
  4. If you see any suspicious website, please exit from it and let us know by sending an email to [email protected]
  5. BTG Organization will never ask you to deposit funds in any wallet.
  6. BTG Organization will never ask you for your wallet’s private keys or personal information.

We all are looking forward for this market pair BTG -USDt Binance

QNo1: When japanese exchanges and poloniex will support btg?
QNo2: When btg will announce AMA? (youtube Live? ,Reddit, etc)

The market is improving but everyday is not fun day. It will lose momentum if more exchanges or hashrate not come.
Check December 2017.
More hashrate ,more power, More confidence , More price , more difficulty

Suppose bitcoin (BTC) hashrate fall to much prices will fall (inverse relationship).

We need some campaign or advertisement(ads) to join bitcoingold mining. Need more people to power up the network.

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As always, if you’re looking for a particular Exchange to list us, you need to ask them, not us. We are not dictators of what the exchanges do - it’s a free market! That being said, we make all the necessary information available to all exchanges, and extend technical support to any who ask for it. We’ve also contacted all (or nearly all) of the existing exchanges over time - the major ones, we’ve contacted more than once.

They are most likely to be influenced by consumer demand, so, as a consumer, ask those exchanges for listings, and ask your fellow BTG Community members to do the same.

You seem to have the relationship reversed; the hashrate is an effect, not a cause. We were just asked a similar question, which I answered here:

Is our hashrate “stuck?” Do we want more miners?