Bitcoin Gold Safety Guide


At BTG, we are always concerned about safety. In the crypto scene, we see how imposters and scammers try to fool users with the intention of committing fraud.

It’s important to know that Bitcoin Gold Organization will never ask you to send coins to any wallet. Please don’t do it, its a fraud. scammers impersonate our twitter accounts trying to confuse people.

The imposters and phishers want to collect your private information and private keys to steal your identity to access your accounts and empty your crypto wallets. We continuously spot Bitcoin Gold scammers on all our social media channels, particularly on Facebook and Twitter. We work to get them taken down, but new ones crop up. We are against all these criminal activities and we’d hate to see users in our community getting affected.

Here’s a quick guide to help protect yourself from scammers and phishers.

First of all - Everyone should have the habit of double check the URL of the website that you are visiting or the credentials on Social platforms.

Let’s do it together - Bitcoin Gold official Social Media Channels are:

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How to protect yourself from scammers and phishers

  • The BTG organization will never ask you for your private keys.
  • The BTG organization will never ask you to deposit funds to any wallet address.
  • Never trust anyone or any site that asks you to enter your private key.
  • Never enter personal information by clicking in an external link. Always make sure to type in the URL.
  • When in doubt, please contact us by e-mail or direct message in any of our official accounts.
  • All BTG official announcements and posts are made on all our official Social Media Channels at the same time — please do not fall for any third party rumors or speculation.

When using cryptos, use common sense and stay safe. Never hesitate to get in contact with us.

Bitcoin Gold Social Media channels

Thanks for putting this together.