AMD Miners, We didn't forget you

Hi Everyone!

The upgrade is almost here! We are very excited and things are a little crazy!

But I wanted to bring you an amazing update.

We have found someone that was willing to develop an AMD Miner that several coins are able to use.

Changing the code for AMD to accommodate 144_5 was no easy task. To be honest, we did have a difficult time finding developers doing this.

That is until we met,

Lolliedieb with lolMiner

The upcoming preview will support BTG, BTCZ, SAVE, SNOWGEM, LTZ. and maybe more as requested.

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Lolliedieb at LolMiner for helping all the other coins and Bitcoin Gold Organization that are switching to 144_5 for his dedication and hard work in making this happen. 144_5 now has an AMD miner!

We do not have a timeline as to when this will be completed.

( Update )

We are working hard to get it done!

Kind Regards,


Is there any download link?

He hasn’t published - he’s finishing off the user config/ settings process before he publishes, but he promised it will be reading in time for our Network Upgrade.

Please don’t forget the tahiti cards (7970, 280x) and older OSes like ubuntu 14.04. There are a lot of old rigs that were still quite good to mine equihash 200,9 and will still be with 3GB on those gpus.

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I’ll ask if support is slated for those from Lolliedieb (who makes lolMiner) - what miners do you use for Equihash on them? (We can’t force the miner developers to do anything, but we can make sure they know there’s demand.)

I use claymore’s zec miner v12.5. v12.6 doesn’t work on these cards/driver/os

Hi, any news for amd miners? We also wanna start from a very beginning.

Several of us are watching for word of readiness in another channel… it’s reeeeeeallllly close.

(Lolliedieb is testing against several different coin <144,5> pools to ensure it’s working everywhere. I promise you, he’s hard at work.)

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Look what’s ramping up!!!


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Did you know it is will be version for Linux too or just for Windows?

Not to worry, building for Linux:

Linux testing underway, Windows build in the morning, release next… it’s going to be “just under the wire,” as they say…

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Good news!



Full details at the link above; OP copied below for convenient reference.


and… it doesn’t work on Linux, just crashed.

Last moment development it is always awesome idea. And it is not even open source that we can fix by ourselves.

amd users missing launch. that’s it.

Please report in to the bitcointalk thread (in the OP) with details (GPU, driver version, Linux version). The developer is active.

“Last-minute” was never a goal for anyone. This is, at the moment, the only AMD miner developer that was able to put together and release an AMD miner that works on at least some AMD cards in time for the Upgrade. It’s certainly better than having no options at all, and we’re grateful for Lolliedieb’s continued hard work.

Well I am actively sitting in front of my computer for fixes. I did very intensive testing with RX 580 and Blockchain driver 17.40.

So what is your configuration such that it crashes?

@Lolliedieb - looking at other support threads - is it correct that the system needs as much memory as N x 2.9 GB, where N is the number of GPUs?

That implies that some of the 12-GPU rigs out there will need 35 GB memory, so a fair bit of RAM and a really big swap file, yes? (RAM + swap > 35 GB?)

Well that is kind of true. At least for the AMD Windows drivers thats a known issue (and the reason, why most etherum miners also ask people to increase their swap file size)

One possible solution is to run the miner only on few cards, lets say “DEVICE” : [0,1,2,3] and do an other profile with next 4 and so on. Then start the miner on first cards and wait in system monitor for the memory to be free again (that will happen after some time, because that problem is mainly at startup) … then you can start the next GPUs in a 2nd window and so on until all are live.

At least that is one way … not comfortable, but it works

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So, script the startup… start 3 cards, pause for mem flush, start 3 cards… repeat until full…

Looks like problem solved by installing AMDGPU-Pro 17.40 Driver for Linux. But it is not exactly)

Thank you for your work!