List of Miners Supporting Equihash-BTG

Here’s a list of mining software whose makers have confirmed to us that they’re able to support the Network Upgrade after the hardfork for Equihash-BTG:

Miner Platform Notes
AIOminer AMD & NVIDIA (NVIDIA now, AMD soon) Published and available: AIOminer
bminer NVIDIA coming soon
EWBF NVIDIA Published and available: EWBF’s Cuda Equihash Miner
Funakoshi miner NVIDIA Published and available: Funakoshi-Miner
lolMiner AMD & NVIDIA Published and available: Bitcointalk / BTG Forum(old)
nheqminer NVIDIA Early Reference/Development miner, non-optimzed. Bitcoin Gold Mining Tools

If the miner requires manually setting the Personalization string, use BgoldPoW. Example:

--pers BgoldPoW


If you are a miner maker who is compatible with the Upgrade, but whose miner is not listed here, LET US KNOW!

Link back to all services ready for the Upgrade.


Note: supported miner list above is updated with AMD support:


Added AIOminer, for AMD & NVIDIA - a great solution for beginners.

Note: AIOminer doesn’t specifically support Equihash-BTG on AMD at the moment, but it is slated to be added very soon. It does support AMD on multiple other algos/coins.

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Please add GMiner to miner list.
This is CUDA Linux/Windows miner that supports Equihash 144,5 algorithm.

Best Regards.

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Thank you for this ! I will test it before posting.
Kind Regards,

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