AMD Miners, We didn't forget you




I got LOLMiner running… it mines for awhile, then I get an incorrect size of solution

Does LOLMiner handle the block transition? Or must I wait for the block 536 200 to start mining?



It mines using Equihash 144,5 and personalization for Bitcoin Gold. That will only work after 536200.

You can mine on a test pool now, or mine on a live pool after block 536200.

To mine BTG before 536200, you need to use a regular Equihash miner (200,9).


Do you support telemetry? I don’t see it in quickstart guide.

P/S: thank you for supporting SnowGem at the beginning, it works perfectly.


He has said he plans to support it in the future, but it’s not there right now.


Someone can tell me, if ¿ can i mine BTG with mi Rx 480 8gb ?


Yes. Per the link above,


Thanks Sr. Only a question more, Can i use my rx 480 in linux or only the drivers is for windows, can you send me a configuration please or a link or manual to do that ? Greatings From Venezuela


I would like to use the Rx 560s with 2GB of Ram to help mine Bitcoin Gold if possible.

Thank you!


Hi there,
Sorry brother, I wish I could say yes, but 2 gb just isn’t quite enough.
The new Algorithm takes a lot more memory.
There might be some other coins out there that will work with a 2 gb card.
If there is anything else I can help you with, please feel free to ask.

I wish you well and happiness.
Kind Regards


Hi there,

I just want you to know that I just released lolMiner 0.42

The main feature is (finally) a better performance for AMD GPUs. On my testers systems we got the following results:

RX 580 (In a Ubuntu 16.04 based mining rig) : 12.5 sol/s (0.41) → 22.5 sol/s (0.42) (+80%)
Vega 56 (Windows 10 based mining rig): 26.5 sol/s (0.41) → 33.5 sol/s (0.42) (+26.5%)

I am sorry for the long waiting time, but took a while to find out the trick to make the AMD memory controller obey :wink:


Well done, sir - +80% is no small shakes!


Never mind

Thank you