AMD Miners, We didn't forget you

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It mines using Equihash 144,5 and personalization for Bitcoin Gold. That will only work after 536200.

You can mine on a test pool now, or mine on a live pool after block 536200.

To mine BTG before 536200, you need to use a regular Equihash miner (200,9).

Do you support telemetry? I don’t see it in quickstart guide.

P/S: thank you for supporting SnowGem at the beginning, it works perfectly.

He has said he plans to support it in the future, but it’s not there right now.

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Someone can tell me, if ¿ can i mine BTG with mi Rx 480 8gb ?

Yes. Per the link above,

Thanks Sr. Only a question more, Can i use my rx 480 in linux or only the drivers is for windows, can you send me a configuration please or a link or manual to do that ? Greatings From Venezuela

I would like to use the Rx 560s with 2GB of Ram to help mine Bitcoin Gold if possible.

Thank you!

Hi there,
Sorry brother, I wish I could say yes, but 2 gb just isn’t quite enough.
The new Algorithm takes a lot more memory.
There might be some other coins out there that will work with a 2 gb card.
If there is anything else I can help you with, please feel free to ask.

I wish you well and happiness.
Kind Regards

Hi there,

I just want you to know that I just released lolMiner 0.42

The main feature is (finally) a better performance for AMD GPUs. On my testers systems we got the following results:

RX 580 (In a Ubuntu 16.04 based mining rig) : 12.5 sol/s (0.41) → 22.5 sol/s (0.42) (+80%)
Vega 56 (Windows 10 based mining rig): 26.5 sol/s (0.41) → 33.5 sol/s (0.42) (+26.5%)

I am sorry for the long waiting time, but took a while to find out the trick to make the AMD memory controller obey :wink:

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Well done, sir - +80% is no small shakes!

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Never mind

Thank you