Pool list, tips and tools

You need a pool that discovers blocks on a regular base but not the biggest one because this can threaten the integrity of the Bitcoin Gold network and the coin price.

To select a pool you can take a look at the stats here: https://pools.cryptopros.us/

Pool list

2miners RU
Beepool ASIA_cn
Btgminers.eu EU_de EU_lt US_w
Btgpool.eu EU_fr NA_can
Btgpool.pro EU_nl
Cloudhash.eu EU_de
Coinblockers.com EU_de
CryptoPros.us US
GPU Gold US_w
Goldenshow.io EU_fr
Gpool.guru US_s EU_de ASIA_jp
Mineflowpool.pl EU_pl
Mining.sg ASIA_sg
Mining4.co.uk EU_uk
Miningpools.cloud EU_de
Miningspeed EU US ASIA
Multipool.es EU_es
NibiruPool US
Pool.gold EU_de US_w US_e ASIA_singapore
Poolmining.org EU_de
Serverpower.net EU_de

Nice list - but they don’t show some, like SuprNova. Is that by design?

In my opinion Suprnova will be added when it has less than 51% of the total hashing power.

That’s a good thing for the network.

SuprNova isn’t like the big mining corporations - they are mostly a pool of individual users, right? So miners could easily leave SuprNova if they disagreed with them or they did something wrong.

But it’s still best for ecosystem for the hashpower to be more distributed among more pools.

Try miningpoolhub.com
It has servers for US, Europe and Asia.
Pool fee is 0.9% (and I donate 0.1%).

Good Luck!

P.S. Each coin supported has detailed instructions on how to mine and links to miners (AMD, NVIDIA, Win, Linux).

Looks like the time has come:



Bitcoin Gold is available for mining on our pool Ucrypto.net
Real Anonymous Mining
High-speed Matching Engine
0,5% fee
Full-dimension Protection
Payouts every 2 hours
24\7 support and chat on the website.
We are miners and we know what miners need.
Bitcoin Gold mining - https://ucrypto.net/currency/?curr=BTG

P.S. we would like to be added to your Bitcoin Gold pol list here

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Hi there! I will look into this and review it. Thanks, friend!

Hey there, I have looked at your multicoin site, I am assuming it is new? Great job, it looks amazing! We would be happy to add you once you get some miners on there. Our advice would be, Build it up and then contact us once you have done that. I would be happy to review it again. Please keep in touch.
And Thank you for your support!

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This list could do with an update. Btgminers.eu is offline
are there any official BTG pools in Europe?