I have a Dell tower with AMD Raedeon hd 7500

I have a Dell tower with AMD Raedeon hd 7500 Graphic card

Can I mine btg with this hardware?

What do I need to download?



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I use miniZ GUI.

Everything you need about how to mine and what to use - all information you can find here :


with AMD Raedeon hd 7500 i asume you have a model with 1GB DDR3 VRam .
In such case no luck it isnt enaugh to mine BTG sorry mate


My computer has 16gb of ram. does that make it work for mining???

Hi Ram dosent matter that much VRam does (Video Ram. the ram that is on your Graphics).
You need a gpu (graphic card) with at least 2Gb idealy 3GB or more of VRam

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thanks for info
Can I buy a new or used video card and use that to mine?
If so what one would I buy
Can I have more than one video card in my computer?

well dont know what system you have. the best way would be if you took the side cover off on a take a photo of the insides especially the motherboard to check how many ports you have available and the power supply you use…as for the gpus Nvidia 1050 and above works great especially the 16xx series can be tuned to provide good results and not eat to much power. AMD works as well old 7970,7990 or never 570 or 5600, basically every gpu with at least 2-3 GB of VRAM can be hooked to mine BTG

I have three old desktops, Can I buy three video cards and mine with all three computers?

Likely yes… but you’ll use more power than someone who gets a motherboard that can support three video cards and mines with that one system.

Thanks for your quick response.

What specs would you recommend for a desktop?


It depends on your usage.

If using it solely for mining, I’d recommend finding the cheapest motherboard that supports the number of graphics cards you have, with minimal RAM (2 GB?) and a low-power CPU. My mining rigs run on years-old Celeron processors.

Choose your power supply based on the needs of your graphics cards.

Now, if you plan to use the machine for other things, especially gaming - throw the prior advice out the window.

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