Quick start guide for mining BTG

**Here is a quick guide for mining Bitcoin Gold (BTG) under WIndows, with several different miner options. This was updates October 2020.

Tools you may need:

If you need an alternative to winzip to unzip your files, 7-zip works well.


We will need a program other than notepad to use for editing the .cfg file. You can use other ones, I use this one.


Here are several choices for a miner program.

Gminer - Nvidia**

Download directly from Here

Get the most recent version. As of Oct 9,2020 The newest version is 2.27

Save the file.
If you are saving the windows version it will look like this;

I like to create a folder (Gminer) on the desktop, but it is up to you where to make the folder. copy the downloaded version to that folder.

Now unzip the file with 7-zip.

This is what it looks like. You can see that there is a preconfigured .bat file that is highlighted.

You need to modify it. Right click and edit.

** make sure you do it correctly! Spacing is important and make sure your wallet address is exactly correct.

Make sure you put your own wallet and worker name.

Make sure to save as mine_btg.bat and save file type ( change from Text Documents to All Files)

Then Save


Download Here

*Don’t forget, you will need the password to download.

Again create a folder , your choice of location and put the MiniZ zip folder in the new folder you had just created and right click and unzip in that folder
you will need to create a .bat file

miniZ bat

To run click on the .bat file
If you wish to use the GUI He has made it very easy. Just fill in the information.


Mining Operating systems

Zhash OS

fee 0.5% dev + .5%


Simple miner (SMOS) -Nvidia


I really like SMOS, it does cost $2 permonth per rig. but it is pretty easy to set up and run.

You will need a USB stick 16gb or more.

I hope this quick guide helps you to get up and running.

Stay tuned , next post we will talk about overclocking settings and results.



Hi everyone,

check also miniZ - fast and friendly equihash cuda miner :slight_smile:

For more information, download and support: https://miniz.ch/

Happy BTG mining!

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what about user/pass and pool link config? I dont see anything, please help

Hi there,
Which pool are you wanting to use? Also have you visited our discord #mining channel? I can better help you there. :slightly_smiling_face: