With bitcoin the worst case

With bitcoin the worst case economic/price scenario is still better than any other asset classes best case scenario.
2009 inception took bitcoin from $1 to $260 (260x gain).

2012 halving took bitcoin from $10 to $1200 (120x gain).

2016 halving took bitcoin from $400 to $20,000 (50x gain).

2020 halving will take bitcoin from $5000 to $100,000 (20x gain).

2024 halving will take bitcoin from $50,000 to $500,000 (10x gain).

2028 halving will take bitcoin from $200,000 to $1,000,000 (5x gain).

This is the worst case scenario, this is the trajectory if bitcoin just keeps doing for the next 10 years what it has done for the last 10 years.

This could be considered extremely conservative if a bull run led by institutions, banks and government agencies evolves.

Given the recent news that south korean commercial banks now own more bitcoin than korean exchanges as a way to hedge risk its looking like $1 million bitcoin will be achieved well before 2028.


wrong forum bro we are bitcoin gold

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Its fine! BTG is a friendly fork and was born based on the same properties and technology as BTC. Everything related to BTC is of our interest. All BTG members are pro-BTC and foresee a good future for it.


As long as BTC market dominance is over 30%, the whole market can be somehow influenced by BTC price.
During the year 2017, many altcoins did reach gains above BTC in percentage. If these numbers are accurate I would expect BTG price to have substantial gains during the next few years. The truth is that nobody knows and predictions fail most of the time. The market will decide.


dont worry not going to harass him or anything just informed that he may posted it into wrong forum since it happen to me once as well and i have posted a comment on zcash forum that wanted to post here :smiley:

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I welcome more economics and market discussion - I’d love to open a new category for it, but we need to see enough demand to drive that.

I don’t think the halvings are really a driver of Bitcoin price, but 4-year intervals are certainly one way to plot the progression - and I agree with the trajectory you describe.

I think BTC “dominance” is an over-used metric with little real meaning, any more. We need to think about cryptos as a market segment, and like every other market segment, there will be a fair amount of correlation among the constituents. Correlation is not causation! (I’ve been meaning to find time to write about this.)


i personally think Bitcoin will continue to hold its “dominance” for a while longer, especially over here in Europe, if your lucky enough to have any local atm’s or btm’s, 99% only exchange fiat for Bitcoin, so it is still the entry coin… even though i did see a btm in Dublin recently that also sold ETC, Dash and Btrash… coinbase are finally starting to venture/push into the Irish market, but whoever pushes fastest towards ease of use/exchange will gain an advantage

There is always zero.

I can’t imagine wanting to use a Bitcoin ATM to buy Bitcoin, but perhaps that’s just me. My perception was that Bitcoin ATMs are more for people who hold Bitcoin and need to pull out some fiat to use locally.

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the only Bitcoin atm in Belfast only sells, it charges 12% and upwards per transaction, i did have an Xapo visa card that i used to spend fiat, but visa cancelled all xapo cards. localbitcoin was ok a few years ago, but you wont find anyone selling for cash in northern Ireland now… only bank transfers to mainland UK