Which site accept from1 -10 confirms for btg deposit


to day i deposit btg to bitfinex.com. this site ask for 50 confirms
i choose max fee, but after 5 hours, it get 41 confirms
please help me, show me the website only need from 1- 10 confirm for BTG deposit
Thank you very much


The fee will make no difference, here. The BTG network is not congested, so fee makes no difference.

Even if the fee did make a difference, a high fee would only ensure that your transfer is included in the next block. After it’s in a block, the rate of confirmations is strictly a matter of how quickly the next blocks are found - the fee no longer makes any difference.

BTG get confirms every 10 minutes on average, so 6 per hour.

Confirmation requirements vary by Exchange and they change over time; I don’t know of any up-to-date list. Personally, I choose exchanges based on other criteria, and their deposit confirmation requirement generally makes little difference to me.