Which miner is better?

Does anyone have some mining bench marks Using different miners ? I am using ebwf miner and I am yet to use any other miner so I wanted to ask if there are suggestions on which miner will be better suited for 1080 ti ?

No benchmark, but,
5 x MSI GTX 1060 Ti (no overclocking) on EWBF miner will give you this:

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Which version of ewbf miner are you using ? Have u tried other miners ?

Didn’t try any other miners/overclocking because time is scarce and I’m pretty happy with the current result.
Maybe I’ll fiddle with them later this year, don’t know.

There is another version 0.3.4c which is specially for btg … I will try those other the weekend… my machine needs a reformat and re-setup… see if you can try that too…

This website is helpful: http://www.zcashbenchmarks.info/

It is for zcash but as btg shares the same algorithm, It is useful to determine different hashrates for GPU & CPU.

Don’t have my rig set up yet but am using this program called Miner’s Gate on my computers for now. Supports BTG. It can be used on cell phones as well but it sucks power fast so only use it on low when plugged in. Works on the computer and is not too invasive. Haven’t mined much so far but when the market cap goes up and my rig is set up…