What is the luck?

i m new miner, i want to ask
What is the luck? each pool have their luck,

  1. whats relationship between luck and hashrate?
  2. whats the better luck, high or low? example pool A have 101 luck and pool B 70 luck, and what choice to mine, pool a or pool b?
  3. what relationship luck and earning/mining btg?

thanks if any one can explain to me

The “Luck” score is telling you how lucky a pool was to find a block.

It doesn’t tell you what is going to happen next, it only tells you want happened in the past.

If someone tells you “Megapool pays more than Mondopool; I got twice as much from them yesterday” you can look at the luck… if Megapool had much higher luck than Mondopool, it’s not that Megapool is better or pays more, the difference is just because they got lucky yesterday.

Long term, the “Luck” averages out… but some people like to see it and enjoy trying to guess which pool will be luckier for them.

whats relations luck with hashrate?

Your hashrate can tell you how much your pool can expect to make, on average. Luck tells you if you’re doing better or worse than expected.

  • If your pool does better, it was lucky. (It took only 80% of the expected time to find a block - had good luck)
  • If it’s as expected, luck is about 100% of normal.
  • If it does worse, it was unlucky. (It took 120% of the expected time to find a block - had bad luck.)

Long term luck will average out to 100%, unless there’s some sort of flaw or problem with a pool.

Here’s how 2miners puts it:

thanks for the explanation