What is the Difference Between Bitcoin and Blockchain

In the field of blockchain, people usually misunderstand and confuse between terms like bitcoin and blockchain. Even though both are related to each other, there is a huge difference between their roles. The vast majority of people who know about blockchains, from around the world think that both words are the same, but, as a matter of fact, one is a complementary factor to another. The term bitcoin came from the bitcoin blockchain. There are a lot of misconceptions among people about how cryptocurrency is related to the blockchain.

The word bitcoin was first introduced in the world of blockchain by an anonymous person called Satoshi Nakamoto, whose origins still remain unknown. The term bitcoin was penned for the world’s first-ever blockchain called “Bitcoin” blockchain in which Nakomoto introduced the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency also named the same.

Now the first blockchain was invented and named as bitcoin, the bitcoin cryptocurrency was running smoothly on the bitcoin blockchain. The whole world got interested in the newly arrived cryptocurrency and all started to buy it.
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