Wbtg(.org) site ideas

I recently registered wbtg(.org) in anticipation of future $BTG interoperability on the Ehthereum through “wrapped bitcoin gold”.

What does the community need in terms of site ideas for $WBTG ???

I was thinking that we could collaborate with the BTG foundation and Balancer foundation and Polygon to set up a triple incentivized pool like the QI/BAL/MATIC/MAI/USDC pool on polygon(.balancer(.fi)) … having 3 incentives the pool is returning triple digit APYs.

also, I am happy to transfer the wbtgORG domain to the BTG foundation in 2 months when is unlocked for xfer.

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This is a great forward thinking.

Note that WBTC uses wbtc.network as their official domain.

Moreover, while we expect a bridge through the Polkadot system, I’m not sure we want to use the “WBTG” name excpet for BTG that are bridged through the same group/methodology as WBTC… that means getting Kyber, Ren, and BitGo to get on board. BitGo does support BTG, but we haven’t had any discussions with Kyber or Ren (yet!)

My personal preference for names is pBTG for BTG bridged through Phala.
Remember, once tokenized onto another chain, these coins are not interchangeable. In DEXes, we can expect WBTG and pBTG to trade for each other at very close to 1:1. Probably a slight premium on WBTG, because the Kyber/Ren/BitGo bridge is longer-established and will be considered safer, so maybe 1.01:0.99, or something like that. But my real point: a contract that accepts WBTG will not accept pBTG in its place, nor vice versa.

They’ll have similar value and be swappable close to 1:1 because they have the same underlying asset, but are not identical.