Wasn't a fan of BTG

I wasn’t a fan of bitcoingold until now. BTG has transited to Equihash-BTG. The goal is to make Bitcoin Gold more ASIC-resistant. The new algorithm requires 17 times the amount of memory than Equihash, which means that any existent Equihash ASICs will not be able to mine BTG😉
Until recently I was happy mining/supporting Zcash which suited my NVIDIA GPU Rigs and was a project I believed in, until they decided to support ASIC’s after saying all along they were ASIC resistant, I felt betrayed and disgusted. So I looked for a new project to support, the only other project I believed in was Monero as they had been first to stand up against the ASIC intrusion on their network, but Monero is not suited to NVIDIA GPU’s, although I support Monero with my AMD GPU’s/CPU’s, so my search continued. I came across Komodo which read like a project I could support, but as I read more into the project it seemed they too would follow Zcash and allow ASIC’s onto their network. I didn’t know what to do, it seemed like all projects were just giving up like Electroneum and allow the hostile takeover of their “ASIC resistant” networks. I’ve warned people for months about the danger of Bitmain becoming such a large centralised hashrate provider and I disliked that they were attacking networks setup not to include ASIC’s. I’ve always said ASIC’s can mine networks designed for ASIC’s, but when they secretly research ways to attack resistant networks it makes my blood boil, especially when the projects cave in and give up resistance.
But then I found BitcoinGold and it’s latest fork, willing to stand up against ASIC’s and offer an opportunity to thousands of decentralised GPU miners seeking to mine and support an honest, open and transparent project with good intentions for the whole decentralised community.
With the future ambitions and advancements of BitcoinGold and knowing BTG will stand against the hostile ASIC’s, I now happily mine and support BTG with the knowledge the future looks bright:)

Thank you to all the BitcoinGold Developer’s, you guys rock🤙


Wow, thank you for taking the time to post this! We welcome you to The family and we have amazing support everywhere you turn! We will continue to work hard on this Project to make it grow.
Thanks for being a BTG (Believer).


The BitcoinGold team delivered what they promised instead of Bla-Bla excuses :+1:


Thanks, all, the encouragement and support means a lot to the team. Seeing and hearing all the trolls can get to be a burden, so it’s good to see comments like this that remind us that there are people who see the results of our hard work for what it is.

I :heart: our Community.


Hey Cye,

Congratulations! You have Won a Ledger Nano S, Hardware wallet.

As you already know, your post was pre-selected by the BTG team for the public voting last week, which lasted 7 days and ended today. All the participants of this edition did a great job and apparently, it was not easy for the audience to select the best ones.

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We appreciate the support and effort and we invite you to continue participating in the following editions.

Can you please send me a personal message with your home address so we can send you the Ledger Nano S Wallet?

Many thanks,
The BTG Team

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Wow, that’s great news, I never win anything, thank you guys, its much appreciated. I really appreciate all the work being done by BitcoinGold developers to make cryptocurrency fair and decentralized for GPU/CPU miners as ASIC’s appear to move more and more towards Centralization mostly due to the Monopoly Bitmain seems to have in the market.
I’m looking forward to watching BitcoinGold grow into mass adoption as more and more businesses accept the currency and realize the advantages it has.
I would love to create a Solar & Wind, Clean Water Company that created cheap/free solutions for poor communities all around the world and would use BitcoinGold to educate these communities to give them an opportunity to free themselves from poverty forever, possibly even providing mining equipment to these communities so they can help support the network while generating an income for the whole community to share and grow. Maybe when market prices reach all-time highs again I will be able to create these opportunities.


I invested with BitcoinGold
I like Bitcoin Gold
I made a page for Bitcoin Gold