Wallet recommendations

Hi there,

I’m starting to invest more on crypto this year and I’m looking for tips on the best wallets for 2021.
I’ve came accross the big names and also tried some crypto automated wallets, such as OSOM finance (estonian startup). Which ones would you recommend for someone starting in crypto ?

Any advice highly appreciated !

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Are you actually interested in an answer, or just here to spam for OSOM?

Well its been over a week that Exodus wallet has had an issue where one cannot do any BTG (Bitcoin Gold) exchanges.
Satus on their site is: “Exchanging from Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is temporarily unavailable. We are working to restore full exchange availability as soon as possible. Sending and receiving are operational.”
I can send and receive but no internal exchange.
So Im thinking of pulling it out into another wallet.
Any recommendations.
Coinbase, Binance, Coingecko - not on their platform
Help - I need to get it out of Exodus - this is worse than handcuffs.

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Exodus payments/withdrawals work just fine, so there are no handcuffs at all. What you can’t do is in-app trading.

I believe Exodus limits this for US customers based on what assets are tradable on US exchanges, and BTG is not currently tradable on an US-based exchange.

BTG is, however, tradable on Binance. (Just not Binance-US.)

Coingecko is not an exchange at all, and BTG is not listed on Coinbase.

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