Unlock BTG Core Wallet


Can anybody please tell me how to unlock my wallet with my pass phrase.
I have clicked everywhere and cant get the unlock option. It’s got no unlock function in the settings.

Open the debug console in the wallet



and type walletpassphrase passphrase timeout

Replace passphrase with your password and timeout (seconds) to whatever you like.

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Thanks, @wilson.

All - pay particular note to Wilson’s warning in red. The fact that the Console is “inside” the wallet software does not mean it’s necessarily a “safe space.” If you blindly copy-paste commands you get from someone on the internet into the console, and the source of those commands turns out to be a scammer, you may end up using your funds.

Make sure you know what you’re doing, especially if you’re doing anything beyond the most basic of commands.

Thanks Wilson.Will let you know if I still struggle when I follow these steps.