Где деньги не приходят на баланс


зависли деньги на btg explorer


Nobody can help you if you don’t share any details.

What wallet address are you talking about, and which BTG explorer are you looking at? (There are many explorers out there with similar names.)


wallet btgonlin.info




what is the researcher


It looks like there is 0.43425316 BTG in that wallet address since 22 July. Were you expecting something else?


Отправил btg c кошелька - на адрес не поступили ( , можете помочь? (Статус: Открыто для ещё 157004 блоков
Дата: 10.08.2018 13:01
Дебет: -5.28000000 BTG
Комиссия: -0.00010400 BTG
Чистая сумма: -5.28010400 BTG
ID транзакции: 2bbb6c9bea46107bf48b427767a91388cebf6ad96a0f041cbc124b1abc0908ed
Общий размер транзакции: 518 bytes
Номер выхода: 1


It looks like the transaction was never broadcast… that’s why it’s not showing up in the address ALNjXrEVS4Y9DnQoJYJgqCrq8bSQnKZh8T.


No such transaction:

Contact whoever was supposed to send that transaction - it was not sent.

If you know the “from” address, you can see if the funds are still there or if they were sent somewhere else.


В кошельке много адресов “from” ,- как узнать какой?









сколько BTG у меня на адресе ALNjXrEVS4Y9DnQoJYJgqCrq8bSQnKZh8T ?


The address ALNjXrEVS4Y9DnQoJYJgqCrq8bSQnKZh8T contains 20.1010087 BTG. The links to online explorers should provide up-to-date balances.

Note that your Bitcoin Gold Wallet will not show current balances properly until it finishes synchronizing all blocks. It appears that your wallet software was still synchronizing:


Balances in your wallet software will only reflect what was in that wallet address two years ago. After it finishes getting the more recent blocks, it should match the balances you see in the online explorers.


Остановилось на 536201 блоке . Процес синхронизации продолжаетя?


Процес продолжаетя или нет?


You are using an old version of the Core wallet! It is stuck at the point of the hardfork Upgrade on 3 July 2018. Your old software is rejecting new blocks after that date.

You need to install the current Core wallet, version v0.15.1-rc1 which will accept blocks mined with the new PoW algorithm (not v0.15.0.1 and not v0.15.0.2) .

(Always check the hash of the download to make sure it matches the published checksums.)

The new wallet software should be able to keep your existing blockchain history, and it will begin accepting the new blocks from your peers.