The Bitcoin Gold Insight Explorer

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Announcing our new, Blockchain Explorer at - more than “just another explorer,” this is a fully functional Bitcoin Gold Insight instance and web application service presenting the Insight UI and Insight API. It runs on a full Bitcoin Gold Bitcore Node and is hosted by the Bitcoin Gold Organization.


Very nice of you to clearly specify who the credits go to. Usually people hide that.
Guess it’s like, if they did reveal their sources, then they’d be exposed and lose their “genius” status.
The wonders of open-source :slight_smile:


People who are “old hands” in the crypto space don’t fall for those kinds of things, but new people are still fooled by imposters… Causing hype bubbles and coins that shoot up and then collapse.

We have a longer-term strategy and want to build real value. We’ll just keep being honest, open, and transparent.

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Yes, but you know, it seemed to me kind of sesitive business because bitpay is coinbase and everybody knows what their view was, with regards to bitcoin gold, before it launched.
They said that the split already took place at a previous block numer and I was waiting closely to see how that played out.
They kind of “officially” spread roumours and you have to combat them to this day and maybe in the future.
A dick move, if you ask me.
Anyway, after that, I got curious and bitcoin gold is my favourite now. HODLER! :slight_smile:
So in the end, there’s no such thing as bad publicity and they deserve the credit!
Very nice of you to be fair, it’s got me going :slight_smile: