Responding to a fake site

Here is a concrete set of step for the community to follow whenever a fake site is found. This can include a scam or phishing site, an impersonation site, or others.

  • report the site to others in the community to confirm
  • report the site to the site’s host
  • if the site is being shared/advertised on social media, report that to the social media hosts
  • report the site to AV/security orgs: Norton, Trend (external list)
  • report the site to Google, Big, etc.


I’ll revise based on discussion that follows; I know you guys have been doing this all the time, but let’s build a comprehensive list of places to report to so that the whole community can help get fraudulent scammers taken down quickly.

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Remember: this is for real frauds and scams, not just for haters. We’re not anti free-speech, we just want the community to be safe from theft and fraud.

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