Quickstart- How to Prune a node

Good day fellow BTGers. Today’s tutorial is short and sweet.
Lets say that you don’t want the full blockchain on your computer, well, you can do what is called prune your node.

  1. First you need to download and install our newest wallet (node).

  2. Your wallet will look like this.

  3. second from top select settings then on the drop down options

  4. See the red circled area. Check “Prune block storage to” and change to the desired amount.

It is my opinion, but the higher the number the better. I like to run the full amount. This way it helps make the network more secure and you can also be put on the map!
As seen below.

But the choice is yours. We are happy you are part of the growing community!
As per usual, I am hanging out around in Discord or Telegram waiting to hear from our awesome community.
For now , Cheers to you all!