Questions about getting listed in Japanese Exchanges

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Just so everyone is aware, we’re already in touch with the top Japanese exchanges - it’s really up to the Japanese FSA to approve BTG before the exchanges can list us. Japan is one of the few countries that has explicitly legalized crypto as a method of payment, but it is also a country where cryptos are tightly regulated.

Because of recent incidents (Coincheck ), the FSA is being understandably careful and is in no rush. After the massive NEM theft, performing audits and checks of existing exchanges was their top priority.

Anyone who is watching the crypto news has heard about the FSA’s recent warning to Binance, and the recent news that two Japanese Exchanges (Mr. Exchange and Tokyo GateWay) are being shut down.

A law went into effect last month requiring all exchanges in Japan to be registered (it was previously voluntary, if I recall correctly).

It’s clear that Japan is working hard to establish a safe and fair environment for exchanges and consumers, and it’s just a matter of time before they’re past this “shoring up” phase and are ready to officially sanction the listing of BTG on Japanese exchanges.

All that being said, it’s perfectly fair for the BTG community to make sure their favorite Japanese exchanges are aware just how much we all want BTG listed in Japan. :wink:

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As we know bitflyer have been registered with FSA’s from last year

These exchanges have been shutdown due to not registered in fsa(Mr. Exchange and Tokyo GateWay)

Bitflyer have nothing to do with anything (They have certificate of okay)

Why btg have not been registered till yet.
Want every people in community contact them to add btg.