POW vs POS what do you think?

Rik digs holes. He is reliable at digging holes and when he digs a hole for a client, the client rewards him for digging the hole.
Bob says he digs holes, he makes agreements with clients to dig holes for them. The clients reward him prior to Bob digging the hole. Bob never gets around to digging any holes, and after time there are lots of reward in his wallet and a string of hole digging promises left unfulfilled.
I like Rik.
I don’t like Bob.

I like the concept of PoS as money goes into the network instead of going to hardware companies, also PoS encourage coin hodling. saying that you dont want someone with large sums of coins to control mining especially as BTG was forked from BTC and few account control large sums of coins.
I think the solution is a combination of both PoW/PoS in hybrid fashion

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to me PoS seems too much like the Fiat model. PoW on GPU makes more sense to me. keep the asic out.