Post of the month - May Edition

The popular BTG Post of the month contest continues…

Welcome to the Post of the Month, May edition

Everyone is invited to put their best work here on our Forum and have a chance to win some BTG! (and the undying adoration of our Community!)

What’s the prize?

For May, 2018:

1st place: 2.5 BTG
2nd place: 1 BTG
3rd place: 0.50 BTG

(To be awarded sometime in the first two weeks of June.)

How does it work?

At month’s end, BTG staff will choose five finalists from the Forum.

The Community will vote on the finalists via Twitter to decide the winners.


  • any new Topic post or response here on the Forum which is timestamped within the month is potentially eligible to win, whether or not it was intended as an entry
  • does not have to be BTG-specific, but must be crypto-related in some way
  • cannot contain offensive or hateful speech
  • cannot focus on price speculation (thoughtful discussion on markets and valuations is OK)
  • BTG Team/Staff are not eligible

(Feel free to edit your work based on feedback from the Community - every good writer knows that their first draft is never their best!)

Selection Criteria

When selecting finalists, at least two members of the Bitcoin Gold Forum team will review all potential winners and select the top five articles based on the following guidelines:

  • usefulness to the Community
  • accuracy and trustworthiness
  • number of views
  • likes (Community appreciation)
  • comments (Community engagement)

Responding to your favorite posts with likes and comments here on the forum is the best way to ensure it will be a contender at voting time.


The top five items will be posted on Twitter in random order, at roughly the same time, and scored as follows:

Retweet = 3 points
Like = 1 point

We’ll give Twitter seven days - 168 hours - to help us decide the winning order, and then announce the winners and pay out the prizes.

That’s it!

Go ahead and put your best work forward - or just join in the discussion, knowing you have a chance to get some crypto deposits just for participating.

Good luck, everyone!!

Rules and prizes are subject to change each month.

We’ll be watching for attempts to game the system and reserve the right to address such attempts.


Bitcoin is a bubble and Bitcoin Gold is the real coin


Only btg real bitcoin ,other fakesatoshi

Here’s my contribution

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Here is my post for May… :slight_smile:

Awesome Alert BTG Team & Crypto Community Rally To Repel 51% Attack Together!

*Posted on 25th May

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Hi, did I win? Post of the month - May Edition