Responding to Attacks

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We have recently sent a detailed memo to the Exchanges who carry Bitcoin Gold, but we also wanted to be transparent and share information with the public. (If you’re with an Exchange that has not received the memo, please get in touch via the usual channels or [email protected].) We want you to know what’s going on,…


Thanks for being on top of things and providing transparency to the public on these attacks and what is being done to stop it…

My personal view is that Bitmain is certainly not a friend and most of us who have been following bitcoin gold from the start understand why… My personal opinion is that the culprits are from a competitor coin trying to create as much disruption as is possible to attempt to drive possible investors away…

Unfortunately for them they have underestimated the bitcoin gold team expertise, the bitcoin gold community and the crypto world strong support… Bitcoin gold and the honest crypto world and honest coins are growing together and assisting each other voluntarily without expecting anything in return…

It feels good and I feel truly lucky to be part of bitcoin gold community and this crypto community… Let’s move forward together and leave these bad actors and evil doers behind lost in a black hole to never see the light again…

Want to know what happened from the start when BTG first forked? Here’s a short video on BTG’s history


I think it is a perfect sharing.
I wish you a successful POW revision.

Personally I am interested in math and low-level implementation, so I really expect to see how solve the problem.

jihanWu, Jack Liao I heard the news of them.

Looking back on what has happened over the past few years, we can see that there will be a number of problems in the future.

dumping … Attack about LN … etc …

I want you to always look good.



A few months ago, tsmc to bitmain chip shipping data
The unusual hash start date of mininghubpool is correlated

I agree with you.

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