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Hahahahhahahhahah is all about money


It’s all about the gold, baby! The Bitcoin Gold! :wink:


1st time poster, here - and pretty much a Crypto-newb, to boot!

With so many different varieties of Cryptocurrency out there now, should we be considering them all to be currencies of a virtual nature (and thus consider currency exchanges and trading a viable model)? Should we consider them to be more in the vein of commodities?

I’m not really seeing them like stocks as there’s no corporate entity that’s attempting to make a “product.”

Is it a flawed view to look for a real-world equivalent to Cryptocurrency?



Currencies vs Commodities vs Stocks

hello spencer welcome to the community, If you like my drawing let me know it is not finished yet


what kraken is going to list btg?


It’s looking good GM. :slight_smile:


BTG - F*ck the moon. Shoot for the stars!


@BTG Mine + pack all the Gold you want into the convenience of a small Nano Ledger. Send the value equivalent of pounds of Gold across the world in an instant! Gold has never been so convenient until now! BTG!


no i just going to poke them again on twiter and do a support ticked to get some answers if possible more than just a link on statement


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Nice idea very interesting keep the good work dev.


BTG’s tweet, roadmap, team & crypto mining instructions have motivated me to put a lot of love into my mining beauty GeForce GTX 1080 (amazing!!). Thank you for months of great improvement :hammer_and_wrench:



Hello, i m new n beginer, i was read sir, n i have login :slight_smile: