Network Attack - DO NOT WITHDRAW/DEPOSIT temporarily (May 18 2018)

There is apparent network attack happening right now on BTG. This is reported by miningpoolhub right now they state: “- Bitcoin Gold network is under attack. As there’s many orphan blocks generated, profit may decrease temporarily.”

Do not withdraw or deposit any of your BTG! Only do so when the attack is over.

Unfortunetly I tried to move some from Binance to Bittrex before anyone was aware of the attack and the confirmations keep being reset to 0. They would go up to 3/20 and then back to 0/20. It has been over 6 hours and I still don’t have any confirmations. I hope that the transaction goes through because it was worth almost $1000. If someone from BTG sees this maybe they will help me out if it doesn’t. They could consider it a reward for warning users about the apparent network attack here and on social media.

As I was writing this I noticed Binance no longer says my transaction is Processing, and Bittrex no longer says it’s a pending deposit, and my BTG appears to be gone!

My transaction ID and wallet are:

TxId: 140ca127cb46454075e60a0ef45c13b8e8326f02b812ffd9f89eb3a163b7e7ae
Last Checked 2018/05/18 05:05:06
Symbol BTG
Quantity: 15.98300000
Address: GNG1W9FuFR6xr29zjiwHQ6f8n5LR7XqG6W
Confirmations: 0
Required Confirmations: 20

Please avoid all withdrawls/deposits to/from wallets!

The following is my BTC Wallet if this could be considered a bounty, or considering the transaction seems to be lost a reinbursment would be very appreciated!

BTC Wallet: 1MthKaLKruoLmuYefNDMPULhWr5Qka2MBt

EDIT: Transaction went through fully now (about 15 hours later)!

Your transaction was not lost; it eventually went through in this block:

Block #528965, hash:

That was after you posted here on the Forum.

I’m confident that the Exchanges will take care of you and settle this properly, if they haven’t already done so.

During the attack, the Exchanges need to hold deposits for longer confirmation periods than usual, and would also want to manually double-check on any large transactions. The definition of “large” is up to the Exchange and their Risk Department.

There’s actually no real risk I’m aware of regarding withdrawing - there is just the nuisance where it may take extra time before the Exchange will approve the withdrawal, and extra time for the withdrawal to be confirmed after it’s sent. If the withdrawal is somehow lost to the mempool, the balance remains at the source wallet, and it can be re-sent.

The biggest risk is to Exchanges, who need to be extra-careful with deposits to ensure they are legitimate. If they accept a deposit that quickly trades to BTC and withdraws, the thief can be gone before the Exchanges notices the problem.


The transaction has gone through fully. Thanks for letting me know.