My Toaster Died

Yesterday, my toaster wouldn’t turn off. The heating coils stayed red-hot no matter what I did, other than unplugging it.

I ran the smoking beast out to my balcony so it wouldn’t set off the fire alarms and left it out there. Today, it looks like this:

But a little while ago, I pulled some bread out of my fridge to go with my soup for lunch. I live alone, so I keep my bread in the fridge to make it last longer.

I hate cold bread. But my toaster is dead. What to do? I don’t need it browned, but I want it warm.

Worked like a charm!

Great Success!



#1000 ways to utilize miners# :joy::joy::joy: Hope your bread tastes good.


I use my mining room as a dryer for wet clothe :joy:


It was delicious, thanks. And nice and warm… the 470’s run nice and hot for me.

Update: I’m actually storing cans of Trader Joe’s chili on top of my rig-rack, now. When I get hungry, they’re the perfect eating temperature for me.

It’s like I’ve turned my mine into a slow-cooker!

I’d be worried about them crumbles mixing with my video card coolers :persevere:

The next step will be BBQ on AMD?))))

I guess I’m less concerned… early in my career, I’ve vacuumed or blown out hundreds of servers and desktops. It’s remarkable the kind of crud and the volume of dust that accumulates inside computers, especially in industrial contexts, but they keep on working… until they overheat and you clean them out.

That said, I do need to get a new toaster. No time to shop. Anybody have good recommendations? :slight_smile: