Mining on largest pool?

I tried mining on largest pool, 2Miners (won’t link specific site because can no longer see if it’s condoned on official BTG site (which strangely forum no longer lets me write) as mining pools page seems inacessible) but even though they keep finding blocks, I left my miners on overnight, and I don’t think they ever even got a job. Do BTG pools still (like require a day or two of ‘calibrating’ then only after that you get jobs, or would you suggest I mine on a pool that doesn’t have 70% or 80+% the total hashrate?

You should see shares within the first minute after mining on a pool, regardless.

On a pool with PPLNS, you’ll still need to mine for a while before you’re getting you full share of rewards as it ramps up (by design; PPLNS is designed to prevent people from profiti g by pool-hopping.)

I guess lolMiner may not be working right for my AMD graphics cards then–are there any others I could try?