"Mined by" pool in Coinbase for Explorers

Why do explorers like ours and BTGExplorer not show the Mined By?

I was contacted by someone from solopool.org to get added.

They already found this block:

This is the Coinbase TX:

And this is the Coinbase, itself:

It contains hex 736f6c6f706f6f6c2e6f7267, which hex=>ASCII is:

Is it just a matter of adding them to the pools.json?

Or is there a bug in the reporting code used at our explorers?

Unrelated question: what needs to happen for our explorer to properly display SegWit addresses?

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About SegWit -> We need to implement native segwit address parsing. About half the explorer support it and there is a node package that has support for it. Maybe we can try to implement it in Insight.

More info here about SegWit addresss (aka Bech32 address) - https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0173.mediawiki


And the node package - https://github.com/bitcoinjs/bech32

Mostly. They can submit a Pull Request to include their pool tag in our explorer. We also need to upgrade the production code to the latest one. This should be done by Sysops.

About Bech32: Actually newer version of the Insight explorer already has good support. However they also changed their api A LOT. It means that a “full upgrade” may break our existing clients. A better way is to run both the old and the new explorers together and tell the people to migrate in a transition period.

BTW I think this thread can be moved to a public category.

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