Marketing Btg AMA

As bitcoingold is working great. As we see the team and other member have started working on marketing.
As community and many people have questions about bitcoingold btg
Guys why not any member of your team do AMA(Ask Me Anything).
Like many other top crypto coins do to address the community.
It will benefit the coin in many ways.
It will give the community little background of behind the scenes and much more.
It will give the users the realisation and worth of btg coin.
Remember: when people understand and have much confidence in it they will ask exchanges and wallets to credit them and start trading.

AMA will give the confidence in all community and crypto world of btg.


Hey qasimsaleem,

Thanks for reaching out and expressing your concerns.

We are going to start doing weekly live streaming shows, where users will find answers to their questions in real time.

We are in the testing phase and we hope to launch the program soon.


Thanks man.
Yesterday you tweeted about btg educational videos.
It was recorded.
We want live streaming twice a month for AMA.
To give the worth of btg


What’s better, a Reddit style-AMA here on the Forum?

An AMA on Reddit?

Livestream AMA on video?


We need to do AMA on reddit first. (not in this forum)
After AMA on reddit is done than 2 weeks later. We need to do Livestream AMA on video.

Why reddit first?
Reddit have 100,000 of active crypto users listening , sharing and understanding and spreading the message worldwide.
Before AMA on reddit we need to announce this on twitter earlier.
And many other platform that on this day their is AMA of bitcoingold.

Many more are also available

Now a days people watch the news of crypto market from these crypto event calendars.

Iam also at discord ( btgspeedup )


Wow. Nice suggestion! Let’s plan for that!

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Hey qasimsaleem,

You have been selected as the N1 Winner for the POTM April edition. :trophy::trophy::trophy:

Thanks for the feedback and for providing helpful information and suggestion that help us improve.

In order to pay you the prize of 2.5 BTG, we need a valid BTG address. Thanks again and keep the spirit!

Thanks i won the prize of 2.5 BTG .
My wallet address ElectrumG : GgWqmNMpc1a6EcjTyqAMZgeBLdZGji86Ys
Hope so btg team will read above and will do AMA.

We are definitely going to do an AMA this month; date has not been chosen. We’re also going to record answers to a bunch of the most frequently asked questions and make the videos readily available.

We’re looking forward to it.

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AMA will improve the community confidence on Bitcoingold
Waiting for BTG AMA
Your name is edward iskra and write over here mental nomad.
May be nickname.
Thanks once again

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Consistent everywhere.