Сар.Сlub — smart trading bot

Dear traders!

Today, the Cap.Club team is opening a platform for trade automation at Binance.

The platform initially laid the principle of flexibility and customization for strategies of any complexity. Start trading in 2 clicks, bring your trading ideas to life, track quotes, get more profits!

We do not charge for service, our current priority is quality, safety and contact with the audience.

Install the bot and use the platform for free !!!

Download via GitHub: https://github.com/CryptoSoftP/Cap.Club_botv1.4

While there is only a version for win. Linux and IOS versions are planned for early 2019.

What Cap.club can do now:
Trading on binance.
Creating simple limit, market orders.
Smart Sell - sells coins with simultaneously installed TakeProfit or StopLoss.
Realization of your non-standard trading ideas.
In the very near future:
Adding some more interesting basic strategies.
Adding tradingview signals with the ability to embed them at any stage of trading.
And other features.
And now a little more detail about the main functions of the service.

Smart sell
Basic strategy. Sells coins when a TakeProfit or StopLoss level is reached. It is possible to connect trailing. StopLoss and trailing is disabled / enabled in 1 click.

Trailing allows not to lose profits if the level of TP or SP has already been reached but the price continues to increase. The system will wait until the price rises and closes the deal only after the quotation begins to decline by a given percentage.

A form for quick buying or selling coins by simple market and limit orders.

Personal strategies
It will be interesting for those who build complex strategies with a large number of combinations. Combine the elements of waiting conditions, buying / selling with or without trailing. Build complex ladders, averaging strategies and implement any non-standard idea.

Currently, the strategy configuration is available by loading the JSON tree describing the behavior of the strategy, instructions for working with it will be clear to programmers. All others can write to us at [email protected] and we will take the realization of the idea.

Now the CupClab team is working on tradingview signals, which will allow them to be built into a trading scenario and to implement bots.

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