Jack Liao twitter

he said that he will convert his all BTG to BTC in coming
one month . make BTG decentralized 100% on Twitter .

what influence of BTG price .


Jack said he will spread out his personal BTG sales over the coming month to guarantee that price is not impacted.

The trade volume in BTG on exchanges for the past 30 days was close to 8,000,000 BTG ($178,908,985) without even considering the volume from Bithumb, which trades tremendous volume (figures from CoinMarketCap.) That also doesn’t include OTC sales, which adds even more to the overall monthly volume.

To be clear, Jack is talking about his personal BTG, not the Bitcoin Gold Endowment. Jack did not say how many BTG he personally has to sell, but it’s tiny amount compared to the monthly volume and can be expected to have no impact on market price.

As of right now, the BTG Endowment still contains over 70,000 of the original 100,000 coins, and we have not touched any of the 60,000 that were in time-locked wallets, even though some of them are no longer time-locked. Anyone can check the contents of the Endowment wallets, which were published here. We have been very careful about spending to ensure that the Bitcoin Gold project’s future is stable. In fact, the team voluntarily went into an Austerity mode beginning in August to make sure that we limit all expenses until the crypto space begin to recover from the current bear market.

Jack focuses on other things now, but the Bitcoin Gold project is on solid footing and has a bright future without him.


how many coin he have? million coin?

i think if he sell his coin its good, a litlle a man that hold a big coin is not good for distributing n decentralization.

my oppinion
btg has 17 milion coin there, asume if one people have 1 btg, just only 17M people used btg, its not good if we comparison with people in the world. let we see, if 1 B people used btg and get same, we get 0.017 btg/people, the value will be increase if the cilculation has equally. i guess it good if one people not have more 10000 btg(the riches btg), if a litlle people have riches btg keept their coin, a small distribution and transaction hapen, it may inhibitit growing the value of coin. what decentralization? it not happen.

its easy to say,
if he convert btg to btc 2/3 month ago, i said he just had 1 times btc, but now…he can get 2 times or 3 times btg, simple calc… 2/3 mont ago he just got 1000 btc but now he got 2000 or 3000 btc. ( he speculation that btc willbe increase). if i be him, may be i will do the same, because the decrease value at btg not wide than btc, it can be said btg is more stable than btc. he tink he got more margin from btc.

let we guest, how many btg he have? 1 M or 2M or …M?

we have to keep going on

I don’t know, and he hasn’t said, but I’m fairly sure it’s much less than that.

Some frightened people seem to have the false impression that he’s talking about the coins in the BTG Endowment; he is not talking about those, he is talking about his personal coins.

The coins in the Endowment are released based on the decisions of the Board, and Jack voluntarily stepped down from the board a month ago. Moreover, all the wallets for the Endowment require 4 out of 6 signatures to make a transfer, and Jack only has 1 signature (the other 5 signatures belong to each of the other co-founders.) It would literally be impossible for Jack to single-handedly sell any of the coins in the Endowment.

The wallets for the Endowment were very sensibly structured to ensure the long-term support of the BTG project.


It is not a peak now.

Therefore, the situation may be different from charlie lee’s Lite coin a year ago.

However, most ordinary people recognize this equally.
In particular, the expression of losing hundreds of btc in the phrase is fatal.

It is even widespread in Korea people know that Jack Liao wil… do a new btc fork.

What is the correct reason about new btc fork?
I am only guessing …

I know the April 2013 Golden Massacre.

It was an incredibly powerful market manipulation using ETFs and futures systems.

A few simple words can never truly understand the situation.

And I’m sure btc is going to be in the same situation.

I can not even imagine how long we will stay at the bottom.

10 years ?? 100 years ??

BTG is still too weak and can easily die.
It is different from the early BTC situation in 2009years.

The power of centralized must be reproduced until the power of decentralized is created.

Jack Liao’s situation is deadly to us at this time.


I am still mining, investing and cheering btg.

I’m counting on btg team.

Thank you for information.

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The threat has passed, we’ve all survived. A new chapter begins now, that wasn’t so bad was it? :slight_smile:

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As said before, Jack never got any coins except his legit expenses (reimbursements and salary) from the BTG organization. It’s basically impossible for him to manipulate the price by selling his coins from BTG team.

Feel free to check the realtime BTG endowment page: https://h4x3rotab.github.io/btg-transparent/

The price chart of the last 24 hours also reflects the same point:


Jack Liao looks like a Chinese Dr. DRE :))

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