I write a chat here for the first time

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I write a chat here for the first time.

It’s been a long time since I’ve come to know crypto currency, and I’ve been seen a lot of things.

I became interested in btg in October, 2017.

It was one of the comments of Nekotoshi.
It was when people started to argue because of the late implementation of replay attacks.

I saw gitHub, saw two implementations, saw the team’s response,
Finally, I saw nekotoshi’s comment to answer people’s ridicule.

I investigated jack liao and investigated the btg team.

But most of all, the reason I came to have faith in them,
It was when I felt something in nekotoshi’s comment.

When the mainNet pool started to run, in fact, there were many bad stories in Korea.

Why is the commission transfer code unauthorized in the pool source?

Why is the block so quickly discovered, is not it a scam?

Is Replay Attack really well implemented?

It takes most of the mined amount from one place. Is not it a scam?

What a long time!! they keep team mining before starting the main net? Is not it a scam?

At that time, the btg community did not exist.
I had no place for public inquiries
I answered all the questions to the people around me except the first question.

And here it is.

With the exception of only two
I think btg will be successful within 10~100 years.

One is that btc is fully decentralized.

I know that even if jihanWu cries bch on the surface, most of the assets are in btc form and his AI company capital.

I think btc mining is impossible to escape from the ASIC.

However, as gavin andresen said
Nowadays, mining has been concentrated due to asic.
However, in the future, mining will again be decentralized if asic gets less than $ 200 due to competition.

I think this is the most threatening thing to btg.

And the other one is …

Right now.

It is important to pay attention to the chain split attack in this hard fork.

Thank you very much


I appreciate the well thought out post, I like to read your replies throughout the forum.
Thanks for your continued support! Community members like you keep our backbone strong. Dedicated miners and members who look to the future and agree with decentralized mining.

Personally as I see all the greed and the rich getting richer, I see crypto as the great equalizer, here to provide opportunity to all. I guess that makes me a fanatic.

I see more and more crypto internet realizing the genuine threat an ASIC hardware monopoly would play to the vision of decentralization. Now that Zcash voted a clear stance against ASIC research, our role in the market becomes more significant, especially to the GPU miners.