I got my First BTG!


Hello everyone,
I got my very first BTG coins few hours ago via Coinomi App wallet address: GRr2GF3MVseLrSAZAgbHe44m15ZfKW8Qvu.

For those contemplating about the wallet to use for BTG, I like to state here that Coinomi has a robust multi-coin platform.

I’m so happy to be a part of Bitcoin Gold… and I’m holding my BTG for a long time to come!

Care to share your story too?



My first (fractional) BTG was mined, soon after the Launch.

I’m glad your Coinomi experience was good! As staff, I try to stay neutral - but I think this is a great idea for a topic and I hope lots of people report in.


I also used Coinomi wallet to get my first BTG . I use my LTC and swapped it with Changelly in the wallet to get the BTG. No problems. I like the idea of the masses being able to mine BTG and not just the rich and powerful.


Oh wow! might as well use coinomi, thanks for your inputs

i was able to read an article about BTG here, very informative that’s why I’m sharing it :smiley:


Nice article, thanks for sharing! I hope you get everything sorted :slight_smile:


What type of wallet did you generate?
What error do you get?

Normally you should be able to import it into the official BTG Wallet (https://github.com/BTCGPU/BTCGPU/releases) using “importprivkey <YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY>” but this will take some time and disk space.


I bought my first btg on binance


You can grab your BTG from in your wallet. Most exchanges will give the option of withdrawing them as well.


*i have a billion =))


Thanks for sharing. I even don’t know much about this.


What is your input in articles that teach how to buy bitcoin gold like these?


We don’t have any input on articles like that one - we didn’t write it, and we don’t know who did. (There’s no author attribution on the article.)