How to setup Bitcoin Gold core wallet? [Tutorial]


In this article, I will explain how to setup Bitcoin Gold Core Wallet. So why should you use Core Wallet for storing your Bitcoin Gold coins? This is because the core wallet is the official wallet for Bitcoin Gold and is developed by its main developers.

To avoid going to wrong website, go to and then click on Bitcoin Gold. Click on the website link adn this will take you to Make sure it’s a https website. This is because there are several phishing domains out there, all waiting to get hold of your valuable coins.

Now, you have to choose the correct wallet. Go to Downloads > Core Wallet.

You will be taken to a webpage where you are given links for Windows, Windows zip, Mac OS, Linux and ARM Linux. Install the one meant for your computer.

Note - If you are a Mac user, you might get a pop up telling you that Bitcoin Gold wallet is from an unidentified developer. So, the proper way to open it is by opening Finder > Applications > right click it on Bitcoin Gold and open it.

After opening it, you will be asked where to store the blockchain. Stick with the default directory if you’ve enough space in main partition.


It will take few hours for the blockchain to download and sync with the network. After that, you will be able to manage your coins. If you had coins stored on the exchange or somewhere else, you can now send them to this wallet.

Make sure to backup the wallet by going to File > Backup wallet. This will contain the all the information about your coins. Do not store this dat file online on your email account or web-drive like Google Drive, One Drive etc.

That is it - you have successfully downloaded and installed Bitcoin Gold wallet on your computer.

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