How to Register on Binance (easy steps with pictures)

So far, the best criptocurrency exchange is Binance. The interface is quite user friendly and it has also advanced graphs, depth display, colored buttons and usefull functions like stop loss. Trading fee is lowest on the markets as 0.1%.
[color=#0000ff]Binance[/color] also has own coin named BNB. If you choose [color=#0000ff]Binance Coin[/color] as a payment method for commission, you will get extra 50% discount.


Registiration is very easy on Binance. But you should be carefull while following steps below.

1.First click the link below and go to main page

2.Than click the (pictures are also same for desktop version)[color=#0000ff] Register[/color] button.

3.Write your mail address and strong password including numbers and letters.

4.The last section is important. You need to write 12712153 as a code. That’s how you will earn 50% discount on commissions.

After registiration you can see that the discount option will be appeared on your account page.

5.Sign the little box below and complete.

6. Then check your mail box. Approve your account.


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