How to import a SegWit wallet generated by or other programs

This post describes how to use the Bitcoin Gold wallet and to import a SegWit address that was created in another program.

As always, when handling private keys, you must use maximal caution: your private keys grant power over your wallet balance.


  1. For safety, make sure you are on a secure computer, open the page in a web browser, and then disconnect from the internet.
  2. Copy the Private Key of the SegWit address.
  3. Enter it in the “Verify” page on


Now you have the G-based Bitcoin Gold address for the wallet. Copy the address and keys, and close the browser. The next steps are done in the Bitcoin Gold wallet:

  1. Enter: bgold-cli importprivkey <private-key> '' false (or use the GUI console)
  2. Enter: bgold-cli addwitnessaddress <G-address-you-got>
  3. Check if the output of step 4 is the same as the “A” address you generated from the online wallet.
  4. If everything is good, you can restart the Bitcoin Gold client with -rescan=1 and you will see the balance in your client.

Credit for process: @h4x3rotab

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