How to Create ERC20 Tokens

Are you interested in developing Ethereum Tokens?

Ethereum is one of the largest blockchain networks powering the second biggest cryptocurrency ETH and thousands of decentralized applications. Many Ethereum standards focus on developing tokens for various verticals.

First of all, you should decide your supply of tokens and then you design a token. Set a value of your token to launch the tokenomics sphere. Know more about, How to Create ERC20 Token?

Set up a Moralis Speedy Node.
Add a pragma line along with importing the proper Open Zeppelin package.
Create the Ethereum token contract itself.
Test the contract.

In recent days, crypto crowdfunding is considered as the most popular crowdfunding model among startups and entrepreneurs. Because, the crypto crowdfunding strategy helps many fundraisers to raise funds effectively and quickly in a successful way.

Popular Crypto/Blockchain Crowdfunding Models:

  1. Initial Coin Offering
  2. Security Token Offering
  3. Initial Exchange Offering
  4. Initial DEX Offering
  5. Initial Farm Offering

These are some of the popular crypto crowdfunding models. If you wish to run any crypto crowdfunding model your mandatory requirement would be creating a crypto token.

Generally, entrepreneurs or startups who are planning to create crypto tokens prefer the ERC20 token standard. Do you know why??? The ERC20 token standard has lots of business benefits and some of them are listed below.

Business Benefits of ERC20 Token Creation:

  • Helps fundraisers to raise funds in safe & secure way
  • Universal & Secured transaction
  • Create your own community
  • Fungible cryptocurrency
  • Versatile token specifications (Mintable, pausable, & Burnable)
  • Asset backed

These are some of the business benefits for entrepreneurs who choose the erc20 token standard. Many entrepreneurs are interested in creating erc20 tokens. But they didn’t know how to do it? Here are the ways

Basically, entrepreneurs can create erc20 tokens in 3 possible ways,

  1. Developing on your own
  2. Generating tokens with Free Tools
  3. Creating ERC20 Tokens from Trusted Crypto Token Development Service Provider

Let me elaborate each method one by one. At the end you’ll come to know the most feasible method to create ERC20 tokens.

Developing on your own:

You can create erc20 tokens by watching some youtube videos & reading some technical blogs, but this method is not highly recommended. Because, even a small mistake in your smart contract development, your tokens are most likely to get hacked and your erc20 token transactions might fail.

Generating ERC20 Tokens with Free Tools:

There is an old saying, “Nothing comes for free and it is 100% true”. Same applies for generating crypto tokens with free tools. If you get such things, think about the product quality. Yes, the product quality is a big question mark here. There is no assurance in the quality of the smart contracts. Because it is free of cost, there is less possibility of a smart contract audit.

Create ERC20 Tokens from the Trusted Crypto Token Development Service Provider:

This is one of the simplest & efficient ways to create your erc20 token. Because the crypto token development service provider has a set of well-experienced blockchain professionals and smart contract developers. They can easily create erc20 tokens with 100% bug-free smart contract. If you are wise enough, you can add some other premium features like Mintable, pausable, Burnable & based on your business specification you can modify your smart contract too.

Hope, you got a clear picture about the erc20 token creation methodologies. Now, you know which one is the preferable erc20 creation method. Your intuitions are precise, creating your erc20 token with the help of a crypto token development service provider is the best way to create & deploy your erc20 token.

Naturally you would want to seek the best ERC20 token development service provider for best results. And It is obvious. However, it’s a tedious task to do. Because the marketplace is filled with a lot of crypto token development service providers. Worry not, I’ll help you to opt for the best crypto token development service provider.

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