How to claim BTG

Hi there, I had bitcoins on my Android bitcoin wallet (Andreas Schildbach) before and after Bitcoin Gold fork and been trying to claim my bitcoin gold for many months now but to know avail. Do you please have bitcoin Gold clone android wallet and if so please help me. thanks

The BTG Organization has not cloned an Android wallet, but there are several third-party wallets available for Android that can handle Bitcoin Gold, including Coinomi, Guarda Wallet, and Freewallet.

You’ll need to look into how export your private keys from Schildbach’s Bitcoin Wallet. As always when handling private keys, you need to make sure your download is correct (check the hash) and make sure the device which you’re working is safe. Ideally, you won’t be connected to any network while you work with your private keys.

If you’re going to access your new coins manually, best practice to protect all your coins after a fork is as follows:

Handle the BTC side:
a. Create a new (empty) wallet address for BTC.
b. Move your BTC out of the forked address and into the new address.

Handle the private keys:
a. Export the private keys for the forked address from the old BTC software.
b. In the new wallet software for BTG, import your private keys for the forked address.

Handle the BTG side:
a. Create a new (empty) address for BTG in the new wallet software.
b. Move the forked coins into the new wallet address.

Why do it this way?

In step (2) above, you handle your private keys. When you handle your private keys, there’s some risk - perhaps slight - that they’ll get exposed. Those private keys give access to both your old BTC wallet and access to the forked BTG wallet. For that reason, any time you’ve handled private keys, it’s best to move the coins out of those addresses into safer ones.

Thanks a lot for the information. However extracting my private key from Schildbach’s Bitcoin Wallet is a challenge as i have tried more than 20 times but to know avail. I had the same problem with Bitcoin cash but i managed to get a cloned Bitcoin cash android wallet and it was very easy to claim my Bitcoin cash

I’m not familiar with this wallet, but I’ll tag some others on the team in case they can provide info. Can I presume you’ve tried contact support for your wallet?

You are exposing your private keys to the software wallet/ web wallet when you import them. Some people did that with mybtgwallet and got scammed. Be careful when you input your private keys to any software wallet or web wallet. Use a full node to claim forked btg and always move your btc before importing any keys even to the full node.