Error Reading DataBase

When starting BTG miner solo keep getting error reading database

That’s not a solo miner, that’s a full node.

It also look like it’s pretty close to unsynced, as if it has never been synced… I recommend deleting the database and letting it sync from scratch.

First, what version are you running? Make sure you’re on 17.3.

Next, delete these two folders:


NOTE: Do not delete the other folders; the \wallets folder containes your wallet files and you do not want to lose those. If you must delete anything else, get a copy of any wallet.dat files for backups.

If the error happens again, look into the health of the underyling drive and RAM; something is causing errors in the data.

Hello, This was a new install and it was version 17.3 when i start this it did not complete the sync.

I will try again thanks.