Crypto markets june 2018 compared to june 2017

In my opinion, it’s becoming very obvious that the markets are being heavily suppressed/manipulated. It seems to me that the same methods that drove the markets up this time last year, have been driving the prices of everything down for the past six months. The method I’m referring to is, tiny, frequent trades with massive bulk buys every so often. The patterns are interesting to watch and even though my bulk holdings are worth less than 10% of what they were last August, I’m holding anyway, whether they are up or down.
There has been a long term focus on promoting XRP by various parties that I have grown to distrust, which leads me to believe that XRP may very well be the first Flatrate crypto if public adoption ever meets the criteria desired by the banks.
BTG has suffered a severe hit, touching less than a sixth of what it was worth towards the end of 2017, but I trust that PoW will prevail.

Any thought’s?

price lower or higher, in both cases, crypto currencies are the upcoming way of payment and must be adopted by each and every organisation by now,