CPU miner software

I’m new in mining, and I try use nheqminer (all variants) for mine BTG (Windows 10 64 bit). Only pool on which is worked was nanopool. org, but I don’t like this, because is not enough transparent for me. I test hashrate for I7 8700 (14-18 sol/s), and FX 8350 (10-12 sol/s), and I consider a pretty good result.
With GPU RX 580 4GB, IoIMiner 042 I have 23-26 sol/s (pool. gold).
Now, if does anyone know, a software (and settings of course) for use CPU, and accepted by pool. gold? I consider this pool very good (at least for me).
Thank you

Performance on CPU will be so terribly low that there’s little point… but everyone’s situation is different.

I hear Tromp’s general-purpose CPU miner can do do it, but I have not tried it. I believe it’s intended for proof-of-concept and development, not for actually mining.

Others may weigh in with better advice.

Stick to GPU mining. CPU mining is not profitable at all due to high difficulty.

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Thank you for answers.
I was only thinking that 2 processors with a total power of less than 200w, had a better hashrate than a 250W GPU for BTG. I do not understand why you think the processors are so weak.
I tried MentalNomad’s suggestion (thanks), but I do not think I have the necessary skills to apply.
Can anyone suggest me a software to set only wallet and pool (and of course to work on pool org. Thanks again

It’s not about weakness or power ratings.

A CPU is designed with many kinds of circuits so that it can be programmed to do anything. It is generalist, but not as efficient as more specialized hardware.

A GPU is designed to work repeatedly with particular actions on large batches of data. It does this much more efficiently than a CPU. In fact, this is exactly why GPUs are used to render graphics instead of CPUs - because they are dramatically more efficient at working with large batches of (image) data than CPUs. This is also why GPUs are dramatically better at the necessary work to do Equihash.

I don’t think any developer would spend their time creating and maintaining an Equihash CPU miner for end users. Why? Because it would be essentially useless for mining.

Hello again,
Thanks for the explanations, it is clear that you have a lot of knowledge in this area.
Unlike you who rely on your knowledge, a novice like me is based on observations.
I have noticed that, by calling algorithms, the processor is a bet (hashrate / w) of a gpu ( I tested for btg and xmr with nheqminer for btg, and nicehash and minergate software for xmr).
We have noticed that for these algorithms the yield is double at the CPU vs GPU.
If CPU have hashrate A, for 65W, GPU have hashrate 2xA, for 250W.
That’s why I’m dying to mune BTG with CPU.
I try with nheqminer-5c, but I can’t change pool. If I set pool.gold:3050, conection is with equihash. eu. nicehash. com:3357,and I don’t know why.
If I set zec-eu1.nonapool.org:6666, work.
Can you help me? What is wrong?
Thank you!

Yield comparisons for XMR are only relevant for XMR.

They don’t imply anything about algorithms like Equihash (no matter which version) or SHA256.

nheqminer does not support BTG mining. (Equihash 144,5 is not the same as Equihash 200,9)

I do not support NiceHash mining. (They were the vector for the power behind the 51% attacks against exchanges in May. When you sell your hashrate through NiceHash, you are making it available to criminals.)

I am getting the issue in CPU minor software as well as getting the error code 0x80004005. I also try on windows error code 0x80004005 for the help purpose but did not get any response.

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this one of free? I would like to give a try for this one.

You cannot mine BTG with a CPU, sorry.

Hi. I would like to know approximate costs of the CPU&stuff that you’ve invested in order to mine crypto. Thanks in advance