Compiling wallet: finding BDB_PREFIX?

I’m trying to compile wallet on GNU/Linux and someone told me the following.

export BDB_PREFIX='/XXX/db4'

Unreal; what do they mean?

Normally I use development-focused UNIX/GNU/Linux (no separate development packages) but this time a computer without one that instead has libdb4.8-dev… nevertheless, searching entire filesystem (fs) I couldn’t find db4 directory/folder (other than db4 documentation).

I’m not really a BTG developer though I try to find/report bugs, and though this is more a technical-oriented user question, I thought it’s best in this subforum (administrators feel free to move it if it’s better elsewhere).

export is setting the path environment variable.

You’re telling it where you have the Berkeley database files installed - in the a /db4 folder somewhere. Where, exactly, depends on your Linux version and where you chose to install it.

The one I’m trying to compile this on is Debian-/Ubuntu-based. I see Ubuntu has its own libdb4.8-dev (separate from Debian) which would be unchanged on variant I use. Actually I may have installed BTC programmer/developer lukejr’s one. Should I install a different one?

I suggest from

I think that should match