Cannot find my BTG with BTG explorer

I held my BTC in a paper wallet with a public address 1DmH7dCLgcV8rKvcavUV1XaR6tY9Hoq1BG (I was keeping the private keys) at the time of the BTG fork, i.e. 24.10.2017. However, now BTGexp finds no BTG at 1DmH7dCLgcV8rKvcavUV1XaR6tY9Hoq1BG. The only reason I can see is that 1DmH7dCLgcV8rKvcavUV1XaR6tY9Hoq1BG was an imported address in wallet at the time of the fork. However, I do not understand that as only me was holding the private keys. Please explain.

I suspect you’re looking up the wrong address.

1DmH7dCLgcV8rKvcavUV1XaR6tY9Hoq1BG is a BTC address, not a BTG address - the site requires the BTG address. does a convenient conversion for you; your BTC address corresponds to the BTG address GWcCXkXHfU6RvoDuWs8bSHvK24KzKAo3aU.

Here’s the full wallet history from BitInfoCharts for the BTG address:

I see. Thanks for help.

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