BTG USDT Missing

Bitcoingold is improving and recovering from its trauma phase. We need markets and exchanges to support btg

As we see Binance is supporting btg but their is no Usdt market of it Why?

BTG- USDT no market pair??

Want some new exchanges?


No USDT market pair? Do you mean specifically on Binance? Because there are lots of USD & USDT pairs on other exchanges.

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We need to add this pair because the volume this pair have is above than bithumb pair of btg.
We are waiting for binance to add this pair. It will give great stability to btg.
We all are looking forward for this market pair BTG -USDt Binance

QNo1: When bitflyer and poloniex will support btg?
QNo2: When btg will announce AMA?

If you are feeling difficult to setup AMA on reddit than use youtube platform?
Go live and set an AMA its easy.

2 Likes It was just a false rumor Binance will not support USD according to the founder.

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We want btg- usdt pairs like other coins are trading in market

You can checkout
Click usdt markets

We are missing this pair

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Are you telling this to Binance?

Telling us doesn’t change what Binance does. We don’t control Binance.

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We all are looking forward for this market pair BTG -USDt Binance