BTG Store? start up and marketplace

i see all of we do so far is mining and exchange

i hadn’t see many place/store to use btg ,
i guess , its good if btg team make a btg store (start up/market place) like appstore, playstore

i hope btg can usefull buy something, service,hottel, trip, game …etc… in word a bussines…i sugest btg team make menu marketplace at btg official website that contain a trusted store that accept btg. the fee of marketplace can be used for maintenain web, server or btg official need.

i know its not easy to created marketplace and make stores joining, but i think its can be long term planing for btg team.

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Very good suggestion like
We want our bitcoingold store like

And kindly think about masternode if their would have been masternode BTG would not have been fall in terms of btc price.
Many of coins would have been locked up. Dash is also using masternode dash/usd price have fall as btc has fall but Dash/btc price remain stable and have fall minor.
It been three years now dash remains in top coins in list.
Is dash coin is pump and dump scheme? @MentalNomad

this good to used that web adress

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There are 12 merchants that I have confirmed to accept BTG already. That is not enough to start a marketing campaign. As more merchants are confirmed and added, we will start one. All of our merchants are independently owned, not a part of the BTG team, this proves adoption.

Also, there will not be any masternodes.
Enjoy your day!

thats good news, i hope btg team will respons