Bitcoin in Virtual Reality

If the idea of virtual world could be possible, how do you see the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in VR? Could cryptocurrency become its main currency then?

more the question should be like how we see the future of bitcoin gold

Everything is possible!

At the time cryptocurrencies are in an early adoption stage. Mainstream adoption will progressively happen during the next decade. BTG technology will continue to improve and evolve and can be used as:

  • store of value because of its deflation properties.
  • payment option for all your expenses.
  • digital assets for crypto markets trading.
  • Overseas money remittances
  • Internation & domestic transactions between companies



If it’s a good VR, it will could well contain a variety fiats and crypto currencies. Like the real reality.

An interesting psychological question. Would people participating in a massive VR be more or less willing to shift rapidly to a crypto-based economy? My intuition says they’d be more willing to experiment and try new things - which means crypto becomes dominant more quickly. OTOH, they might be more preoccupied with more radical VR experiences to care about the monetary system at all, so maybe they mostly ignore it.

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