Bitcoin gold feedback

hello fellow members of the BTG community, i was made bankrupt in the 2008 big crash, lost the job, lost the house, lost the car, nearly lost the wife and kids… its like a broken game, all the odds are stacked up against us… the banks that caused it were bailed out with taxpayers money, money that was invented by the Bank of England?(or your local federal bank) Quantitative easing?? i was told by my government that now, the taxpayers owned the banks! so i went to see if i could get a bridging loan to keep my house, but it seemed that QE wasnt any good for me, only for banks to keep capitol flowing! we need a new system, capitalism doesn’t work! well not for 95% of us anyway… im a bit of a newb to mining(5 weeks), but have have been holding Bitcoin since the end of October 2017. i got .41777 of BTG from the original fork, and was excited because i was getting something for free… so i bought another 10.6(bit ocd about numbers) because i read the whitepaper and thought, hey this is a really great concept. something of value that can be bartered between individuals at an agreed price, no inflation no depreciation. like we did in the days before banks… i watched the slow big drop in shock! i know its gone down a lot in price, but i personally think its more to do with the bad press that was created by the fraudsters at bch, with their fake satoshi stories… and the bad press about digital currency in general, even though it is the future… Keep the faith, it might take a while, but with us sticking together and helping each other, we can do it. try to use the official pool, try to help others, try to network, try to use mining programmes that help the btg family, dont forget to donate at least 1% of your earnings back to the team that built this from scratch… since ive joined this BTG discord, ive found like minded people, with passion, hard work ethic, apathy, pride and humour that have been keen to help me, to give me their time without looking anything in return… and at 46 i know that’s a rare thing in this day and age… so i just want to say, thank you to all of the people that helped me, you know who you are :wink:

were going to take off, and will eventually get to the moon



welcome to the community thanks for contribution. as a fellow miner u will love these info : we are long term (more than 2 mounts) one of the most profitable coin from all equihash coin and since past few days we started to have profitability outburst for few minutes with profitability bigger than ETH yesterday it was 113% for about 20 min today i seen 102-103% for about 8 minutes the coin is strong we just need larger adoption to get higher price and that will came with time since the the staff and devs working really hard and constantly improving the coin code and the whole ecosystem around it as well personally waiting for one of these 2-3 companies that support “btg credit cards” solve their issues with the supplayer of the cards and start to shipp them looking forward to get my first coffey for BTG :smiley:

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