Bitcoin Gold and Ukraine Fan Grup Twitter

I greet you ladies and gentlemen, I write here for the first time, although Bitcoin Gold supports and believes in his very birth, from the time when he costed $ 400. If briefly about who I am, I am a citizen of Ukraine who has his own page in Twitter @Spartakua and his fan support group Bitcoin Gold in Ukraine and the Russian-speaking regions also, in Russian and Ukrainian, I will be glad if you add to my friends. On my Twitter link I’ll leave below. But this is not about that, I would like to tell you about my experience with Bitcoin Gold as a financial tool, thanks to the fact that all this time, until the last half of the year the Market filed, thanks to the fact that I always bought something then I sold Bitcoin Gold, I at least did not lose money remained at the same level if you try to use Bitcoin Gold as a stable Coin and trade to other currencies, For example I used Bitcoin Gold and Dodgecoin and from time to time when Doge rose I was selling it and I invested Bitcoin Gold, when the guide Bitcoin Gold a little bit I grew up I tried everything the other way round, sometimes when it did not work, I added Etc classic to this equation and thanks to this I at least kept the deposit one level while on this drop in the last half year many lost -70% of my deposit but now when Fork happened and Bitcoin Gold became protected from the Asiks while supporting the Segvit technology, unlike the Bitcoin cache which did not support Segvit and plus almost one of the first added support for the lightning network, plus large blocks, in comparison with the usual Bitcoin, we and the high bandwidth ability, and B lish hash rat, more than bitcoin and other currencies, and this gives a great chance for bitcoin Gold this year until the end of the year and 2019 to become the new king and replace the usual Bitcoin since Bitcoin Gold where all the best chips are added from all currencies! For example, a chip like that in Dash technology, which is not Bitcoin cache for example, well, Segvit and light network and large blocks, all together gives a super powerful coin, that is, the latest generation of bitcoyne, improved, and I’m sure, for example, That Bitcoin Gold will be in the forefront, soon as a currency that can really compete with other top currencies, and over time it displaces other currencies because Bitcoin Gold already outperforms all these currencies because it contains and includes all the technologies that are present in these other currencies coins, a kind of There was a mutation from the initial bitcoin Golda as it was in the beginning and thanks to the evolution and developers who worked for Bitcoin Gold and led all the best features from the best top coins turned out a new bitcoat hybrid and therefore I advised everyone who has Bitcoin Gold Keep it and do not sell on first or second growth, wait for $ 800 ~ 1200 $ because the volumes have already passed if you look at Bitcoin Gold at Coinmarketcap what volumes have now gone into buying Bitcoin Gold, how they do not allow it to grow, with the volumes that are in it now pour in, its me Vedi is crushed down so that other chemists with an unstable nervous system can not stand it and merge the last bit of Gold, so whoever has not gone into all the updates that have occurred since the last fork of Bitcoin Gold, study carefully and you will understand that Bitcoin Gold is really becoming the new king, the old king Bitcoin dies, as it is Bitcoin of the first generation, It still keeps on different crutches, prostheses, but it’s already an outdated currency, no matter how it worked, and Bitcoin Gold is an improved Bitcoin which rightfully can become a currency number one and take off to 1000 and you can $ 1500 before the end of this year or until the middle of the next 2019 if I’m wrong about something and I would be grateful if you can give me some arguments in favor of the fact that I’m wrong. And so I live in Ukraine and here all not all very many believe that Bitcoin Gold is really a real player on the market, and here we strongly strongly believe that he will shoot and I will make At least x 20 or even x30 that is to increase in the price of 20 or 30 times within the next year, sorry if it’s a bit clumsy language I wrote because I had to speak in Russian and translate through Google translate into English so sorry if a bit sloppy, will look when you offer that. I posted everything here and that’s how I expressed my thoughts if you’ve read up to this point if you liked it I will continue different similar ideas to talk about my vision of the future for Bitcoin Gold and its development all thanks for attention

Unfortunatly this is bullsh*t. Starting from logic and ending real facts.
1 .BTG is not stable coin. Look at chart. It is classic very very hard stagnation coin.
2. BTG doesn’t have LN atm. It will late more than 2 months from plan. And there are many other coins which will do it earlier (no adverts)
3. Best chips are added from all currencies? Wtf is this. It looks like you know only dash and bitcoin:(
4. New king? OMG. What for?
5. BTG as any other coin which is in such hell dip will never go from bottom to new high at once. Even don’t dream. Better to learn charts, history, TA etc.
6. I have friends from Ukraine. These words are lie - “In Ukraine many believe that Bitcoin Gold is really a real player on the market”. For example you can open bitcointalk and check it.

Only with one I can agree - one day BTG will rise to previous high and I hope it will be with professional dev team with good planning, strong words. A team that will be respected. Hope Joseph will be in this next generation team, while today’s lead core will be out forever.

With best wishes to BTG holders!